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Till Ur Satisfied Piano, Trumpets, 90s house vibe, Rolling Synth and Bass. 04:41 On The Phone A TechHouse Track at 125bpm. 06:37 Town To Town An upbeat house track. 06:31 Never Stop Needin House An upbeat house track. 07:31 In The Front (You Gotta Dance) An upbeat dance/EDM track. 04:54 Love One Another This is a progressive house / trance feeling track. 07:26 I Lost Faith (2021 Rework). My first full length vocal track. 07:25 Forever Lied (Double Lies Extended Remix). A dramatic hard hitting EDM track. 06:40 Body Shake (Come Dance with Me). A creative EDM track. 05:34 My Darkest Night (All The Pressure). A moody EDM track. 06:49 You. A unique synth dominated track. 04:53 See The Light. An EDM track with unique vocals. 04:00 Come Back To Me (So Pretty) A beautiful piano melody and upbeat track. 05:47 Come Back To Me Orchestrated Version. Creativity modelled on the dance version!. 05:47 Show Me In (Hold On To Me) A crazy idea with dominant beats. 06:23 All The Reasons An early DJ DIADO X production. 05:16


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MXPRJ FILES : Please note these can only be shared via file sharing service such as Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer etc due to the potential size of a zip file! All demo tracks MXPRJ files will not include vocals.

Production / Other Work

Creative Audio Files & Music/EDM Production

Using Native Instruments Maschine to create unique audio tracks, house music and EDM (Electronic Digital Music) loops and samples for any kind of project. Some full creative tracks will be made available for #synclicensing thus, if you are in need of some creative ambient music, upbeat tunes then please feel free to talk to me about the possibility of adding some music vibes to your project. Prices are usually based on the total job scope and length of the audio required. Sync licensing royalties will apply

Please note more creative examples will be added in the near future to the playlist "Production". There will be various offerings. You may expect only house tracks, but i will release creative Electronic and Alternative genre tracks like, the first few single releases i have put out on the market. Hey, I am trying to showcase some individuality and flexible music skills here - helps my learn and focus as well !

NorthWest X Studio

Production Studio

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In 2022 the exterior grounds and golf and will be completed.

The NWX Pavillion is now completed and ready for broadcasting, live mixes and VIP dining.

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NorthWest X Music Studio and DJ Broadcasting Set in the mountains
17th September 2021: Creative Rework/Remix

Check out my work on the tracks "Town To Town", "Till Ur Satisfied" & "Love One Another".

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