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70/80/90/00/2020s. Experience original and remixed house/disco tracks.

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Performing at launch events, upmarket bars & restaurants and VIP parties.

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"I love making new mixes and house music sessions for others to listen to, hopefully some of them will become appreciated and earn some play backs. My goal is to play up the good vibes and "I want people to retain the impression that "Yes - that is great house music - Awesome & Enjoyable!"... I want to create crossover house sessions that include in the same set, classic house, deep house (not to deep), gospel house, soulful house, tech house and other sub genres of house.

Ultimately, if two songs go together when beat matched and they keep the flow of a set going or makes for an awesome transition then i will play with the idea of crossing over into various sub genres of house in the one mix session. My aim is to keep all my house mixes simple in construction with the use of proven dj techniques; but ultimately when the selected tracks are joined they make one seamless stylish and unique enjoyable session mix and audience experience (regardless of the environment)."

Exclusive DJ House Sessions.

Experience the unique intimacy of a trend setting house music DJ session in the mix at your very own private summer party or private bar. A musical journey with classic house, disco, soulful house, gospel house, progressive house and deep house tracks on offer for the best experience day or night. Featuring original tracks and remastered versions from legends and new artists alike. Music is a vibe - thus DJ DIADO X will prepare, select and play live in the mix the ultimate DJ house session for your own musical journey.... Feel it!

I want to create intimate mix sessions, that each listener can own, treat as their special mix and relate to.....every bass line, the trebles, feel the high hats, piano chords, mesmerising saxophone tones and awesome vocal arrangements.

A balanced musical journey that has the funk, the pizzazz and originality in style you have been searching for....

Areas Covered : Primarily based in Bulgaria but will travel within Europe & UK.

Localised travel: Sofia City, Sofia Region within 75 km of city centre (calculation of Bul.Vitosha as the central point).

COVID-19 LOCKDOWN/SHUTDOWN No bookings available during the current emergency situation/lockdown.

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Private Parties

Bring the club experience to your summer party, birthday event with funky house/disco.

Private Celebrations

Weddings, celebrations and all Private VIP parties - strictly non-public access.

Team Building

Seasonal parties (Xmas) or team building weekends - strictly non-public access.


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Videos - HD Live [VIDEOS]
Production [NorthWest X Studio]
Show Me In (Hold On To Me) Produced at NorthWest X Studio. 06:23 All The Reasons Produced at NorthWest X Studio. 05:16 I Lost Faith (When I Lost Love) Produced at NorthWest X Studio. 05:40 Back To Mine - Loaded Club Mix Produced at NorthWest X Studio. 04:07 Under Ibizan Sun - Beach Beats Remix Produced at NorthWest X Studio. 07:48 Shrapnel (High Impact Instrumental) Produced at NorthWest X Studio. 03:56 Get Up N Out (Demo Track) Produced at NorthWest X Studio. 05:14 SoulMate (Demo Track) Produced at NorthWest X Studio. 04:21 Lamborghini On The Drive (Demo Track) Produced at NorthWest X Studio. 03:02 Who Won The Fight (Demo Track) Produced at NorthWest X Studio. 04:08 What A Day (Demo Track) Produced at NorthWest X Studio. 05:25
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Production / Other Work

Creative Audio Files & Music/EDM Production

Using Native Instruments Maschine to create unique audio tracks, house music and EDM (Electronic Digital Music) loops and samples for any kind of project. Some full creative tracks will be made available for #synclicensing thus, if you are in need of some creative ambient music, upbeat tunes then please feel free to talk to me about the possibility of adding some music vibes to your project. Prices are usually based on the total job scope and length of the audio required. Sync licensing royalties will apply

Please note more creative examples will be added in the near future to the playlist "Production". There will be various offerings. You may expect only house tracks, but i will release creative Electronic and Alternative genre tracks like, the first few single releases i have put out on the market. Hey, I am trying to showcase some individuality and flexible music skills here - helps my learn and focus as well !

Under Ibizan Sun

Available on Google Play, Spotify, ITunes, Amazon, Deezer + More.

Ibiza Inspired Electronic Dance Track.

Under Ibizan Sun Single Artwork

All The Reasons

Available on Beatport, ITunes, Amazon, Apple + More.

House music with addictive piano and brass.

All The Reasons tech house by dj diado x Single Artwork

NorthWest X Studio & Record Label

Production Studio & Record Label

More Information coming soon!

NorthWest X Music Studio and DJ Broadcasting Set in the mountains

New Release Incoming

ALL THE REASONS : PRE ORDER 1/12/2020 : RELEASING 11/12/2020

New Release Incoming

LONG TO BE : PRE ORDER 11/12/2020 : RELEASING 18/12/2020